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Hansborough Recreation Center W.134 St.,Lenox Terrace PL. Manhattan NY New York

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A Bit About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

In 1979 Mr. Bruce Johnson, an Aquatics Director and his  assistant Mr. Anton Davis of New York City Parks Department  formed the Harlem Honeys and Bears Swim Team. This organization created a program that was a vehicle where senior citizens were taught intructions in water survival, water therapy for chronic illnesses, and water exercises for therapeutic purposes

The name " Harlem Honeys and Bears" was attributed to Mr. Andrew Watson who was the swim instructor in the early 1980's and a key player in the organizations development. Harlem Honey and Bears are co-sponsored by Central Harlem Senior Citizens Coalition, Inc who helps in recruiting seniors in the Central


This unique program, the first of its kind, originated out of the John Rozier Hansborough Center ( The Bath House as the " old timers " called it ) in Harlem. Now this progam has spread out to other Boroughs in the New York City area. We became incorporated in the 90's as the Harlem Honeys and Bears, Inc. The team has displayed synchronized swim exhibits and competitions thoughout the five boroughs has competed in national senior games. In addition this team has won New York State level and national championships.

the organization is currently federal tax exempted status ( 501 (3c ) for our New York State not-for-profit corporation. this allows us to extend swim programs to a broader base of individuals. The Harlem Honeys and  Bears Swim Team, Inc. generates revenues through public / private contributions and fundraising. these funds are used to support swim programs and competitive swim events.


Synchronize swimming...sounds interesting...watched during the Olympic Games...looks like fun, maybe one day I'll get chance to try it... but I am to old.  HHB has provided the opportunity for seniors wanting to satisfy their curiosity about synchronize swimming by becoming a member.  But I don't know how to swim, afraid of the water and I have heath issues.  Most of our members did learn how to swim until they joined the team at the ages of 64-67.  Yes, they were afraid of the water!  In fact, the two oldest members (95&96 respectfully) learned how swim at the age of 65. And today one of them swims almost a quarter of mile three to four times a week.  She attributes her excellent health to swimming. HHB has an excellent Adult Learn To Swim Program.  Participants have learn to swim within a year.   Many of members had health challenges (osteoporosis, heart conditions, respiratory. etc.).  Some were advised by their physicians to learn how to swim.  Okay, so now you know how to swim.  how do you get the experience and confidence you need to become a synchronize swimmer.   Who will help you learn the ropes, things you didn't learn in the Adult Learn To Swim Program? Who will be there to see that you're okay after your first synchronizing routine, hold your hand and show you how maneuver in the routine? There is no substitute for a synchronizing team, when you're a member of HHB you are part of a family, you are one of our own.  We take pride in knowing you're safe and competent synchronize swimmer and we will do all we possibly can to get you there.  To accomplish this we schedule pool sessions where we work on developing swimming skills and synchronizing routines.  When we are performing water ballet (synchronize swimming) with The Harlem Honeys and Bears Swim Team everyone knows who you are, they know our abilities, and our level of experience.   

 HH&B has a Youth Learn To Swim Program to address the increasing numbers of minority youths drowning in America.