Swimming can bring you a happier, healthier, and longer life and it's free. Whether you call it recreational, or a sport, the more you learn and develop, the easier you'll move through the water. Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do for your for your body. Think of this activity as low impact, gentle on the body, fun, and a great workout. Also think of swimming as a life saving skill.

      People of all ages are urged to get involved. Swimmers create a social environment, creating a positive atmosphere helping each of us reach our goals.


     We are unique synchronized swim team motivated by learning and training in a group setting                     Many of us learn to swim at the age 60+.We are constantly learning general knowledge and 

the comfort of the water. Essential skills such as floating, sculling, and streamlining are just some  

of the skills we do in our practices. 



              We are known as the Harlem Honeys and Bears, located at the Hansborough Recreation Center,  

W.135th St. This team originated in 1979 and still going strong



The two ladies below are our oldest member, both 95+

 Elvira won this medals at the Empire State Games 2015



Lettice still swims 5 days a week





Harlem Honeys and Bears at practice!
















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Harlem Honeys & Bears Synchronize swimming team

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